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My Bed/Show room…

"Pics on the wall…"

maybe slow to load…


















First corner of the room.

On the left, a poster of 2 IAF F-16's and 2 pics I took at Aviano AB in 1985.

On the right, top to bottom:

CH-46, F-100D, AH-1T, AWACS, SM.79, C-17, USS Coral Sea CV-43, USS Washington CVN-73 and USS

Enterprise CVN-65, ALIZE’ and TRISTAR tanker.



















Two large drawings made by my father by pencil (yes, I mean pencil!!!) in the 50's:

the Cristoforo Colombo, sister ship of the famous Andrea Doria, and BB-61 Uss Iowa.

Aside, my collection of cloth patches:

TOP: all squadrons aboard Uss Washington in 1996,

MIDDLE: various USAF/USMC/USNAVY Squadrons,

BOTTOM: 30 patches of the Israeli Air Force.



ABOVE: partial sight of a wood Bismark battleship in approx. 1/150 scale.

Further pics:

AV-8B, TORNADO IDS, F-104S, F-15E,

MIG-21, MIG-29, F-14A, A-7P,

Mirage F.1CT, F-18D, F-16A and A-10A.



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