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Here's a couple of pics of the famous P-51D "LOU IV".

The former shows 'the other side'. Apart from the name "Athelene" (related to the crew chief), possibly on a white background,
it is to be noted that the aircraft has all the invasion stripes on topsides covered with a color that it's not the same of other areas (it's lighter).
Also theatre markings (black stripes) on top of elevators are covered.

(photo from Craig Q.'s archives)


The latter is a color pic.


Now a larger detail of the most interesting area....


and now even larger:

To me it clearly shows that the previously spoken areas are blue (or blue-gray) though not the same blue of the star,
and confirms that the rest of the airplane is some dark green.
I don't think the blue areas are some sort of faded olive drab.

By the way, "E2*S" is all green, no doubts to me.

Just my 2 cents....