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How to get a better looking canopy out of the one supplied with the

1:18th scale P-47 Razorback model by 21st Century Toys

After extensive head-scratching over this important feature of the model and pictures of the real thing, I think a completely new canopy is indeed needed.

However, maybe we could still get a viable solution by working on the clear parts of the kit. I've not yet put my hands on it, but this is my idea.


This is the canopy as supplied by the Company.

It has a lot of problems: the sliding half is too tall, too 'V' shaped and has an howful (to the eye) sliding mechanism.

The windshield is too tall, too wide, and the horizontal frame should be stright.

(compare it with these 2 pics: and copy.jpg)


I think the following cuttings and sawing off's should be done (red areas):

Apart from my poor expertise in photo-retouching, the result should be this:

including some extensive puttying of the area previously open for the sliding mechanism.

Well, maybe not the easiest task ever, but I'm quite confident it works.

Any comment or idea is appreciated. Thanks, Luca


PS: this is a photo of my model with new wheels. These are rubber R/C tyres. I still have to put on the resin copies of the hub I've made. But they already look good, sure better than those thin wheels the kit comes with. The landing gear is still rectractable.